July 20, 2022

1. Highlights from last night’s All-Star Game

The American League won yet again — seemingly every time for the last twenty years — and the MVP was the guy who hit the two-run homer 457 feet to tie the game, to the very location he used to sit as a kid at Dodger Stadium.

Here were the other two home runs, in case you missed them:

And the absolute play of the game, a brilliant double play started by Andres Gimenez at second base:

2. Shohei Ohtani led off with a first-pitch hit, just like he’d said

“First pitch, first swing.” And then he went and did just that.

And here he was on the red carpet before the game:

3. And then he got picked off by Clayton Kershaw

You hardly ever see that in an All-Star Game.

4. More highlights and mic’d up moments from the broadcast

David Ortiz stole the show in the early innings, taking a jaunt with a microphone through the American League dugout.

Even the pitchers were mic’d up on the mound:

A few more moments later in the game:

5. Clayton Kershaw starting at Dodger Stadium was very special

6. Denzel Washington honored Jackie Robinson before the game

A great moment, with a blue #42 jersey on his back.

7. Fernando Valenzuela threw out the first pitch

8. Baseball fans have not forgotten the Astros cheating scandal

9. The photo of the day: This baseball getting destroyed by Giancarlo Stanton’s bat

10. And lastly, this delivery from Nestor Cortes might’ve been the true highlight of the night

The funkiest of the funky, on the national stage.



The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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