July 19, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
1 min readJul 19, 2022


1. The All-Star Game is tonight at 8:00 ET on FOX

2. Highlights from last night’s Home Run Derby

First, it was the swan song for an all-time great.

And in the final round, it was Juan Soto against Seattle’s young rookie star Julio Rodriguez — with the 23-year-old “veteran” taking the crown.

3. The multi-part Derek Jeter documentary premiered on ESPN last night

4. The fire show got a little too close to the players yesterday

5. The stat of the day: Julio Rodriguez

6. This is how you watch your teammate when you’re not at All-Star weekend

7. Ken Griffey Jr. made an appearance as a photographer

The Mariners finally have a star player again, and he wasn’t going to miss it.

8. MLB Network made a great edit of two classic baseball movies

9. Various news and bits from around the league

10. And lastly, Albert Pujols asks Shohei Ohtani’s interpreter a very important question

A few weeks ago, there was that brawl between the Angels and Mariners, Ohtani rushed in late with his interpreter right behind him (literally). And so, when Albert Pujols sees him:

“Ippei, what’s up buddy? Where were you — I saw you in that fight, where were you at?”

And the moment in question, in case you missed it:



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