July 1, 2022

1. Tonight’s MLB schedule

If you’re a MLB TV flipper or looking to see what’s happening around the league, here’s the full spread — the highlights being the Rays vs. Blue Jays game that’s all but over, Cardinals vs. Phillies, and Padres vs. Dodgers:

2. The defensive play of the day: Logan Gilbert

Reflexes like a mountain lion.

3. Juan Soto turned down a mega-deal from the Nationals

4. Botox injections are a baseball treatment

I’m absolutely not a medical professional, but haven’t heard this before in the world of baseball news — you learn something new every day:

5. The Guardians are actually good (maybe?)

Their debut year under the new name, sporting a criminally low-budget roster, and the youngest team in baseball pulled out another comeback win yesterday to creep right next to first place in the AL Central.

With a nice mural outside the ballpark, too:

6. The Dodgers beat the Padres in the first of four games

Dodger Stadium will be electric all weekend.

7. The Padres have a new “City Connect” uniform set

West coast Miami Vice.

8. In case you’ve missed it: Joey Votto is very likeable

9. Brett Phillips is pitching again

Just happened a few minutes ago, one of the very best occasions in all of baseball — happy Brett Phillips Day.

10. And lastly, the weird post-game statement of the day

Justin Turner had two home runs last night, single-handedly account for the three RBI’s in the 3–1 win over the Padres — and yet:



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The Baseball Newsletter

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