January 6, 2022

1. Hank Aaron’s memorial service took place yesterday

It’s been almost a year since he passed, and the Braves won a very fitting World Series in the meantime. Rest in peace, to one of the all-time greats.

2. Clayton Kershaw was hanging with Dallas Cowboys at the Dirk Nowitzki jersey retirement ceremony

He’s from Dallas, back home to honor a legend.

And here’s a nice photo from the event:

3. There’s a new idea for the Royals’ official caps

Crown-styled, from the mascot “Sluggerrr”.

This absolutely has to happen.

4. Roger Clemens wants to get involved on social media

Watch out, he might throw a shard of a broken bat into your DMs.

The Iron Sheik is a fan:

5. A update on former Mets GM Zack Scott

One of many ignominious stories out of Mets-world last year ends with a somewhat positive conclusion.

6. And the Mets have a new hitting coach

Six Gold Glove awards with the A’s in the early 2000’s, and surprisingly no All-Star appearances (could’ve sworn he had one or two) — and now he’ll be in the Mets’ dugout.

7. Some highlights and news from baseball in Asia

8. And an interesting article on a Japanese figure skater who’s inspired by Shohei Ohtani

With his performance coming up soon in the winter Olympics, in a few weeks.

9. David Cone is being considered for ESPN baseball broadcasts

Yes. Please. Beyond the fact that Cone is a great broadcast analyst, anyone but A-Rod will be a gift (PS: who in the world would watch this alternate channel A-Rod-cast?)

10. The New York Times is buying The Athletic

Not an exclusively baseball-related story, but many top reporters around the league have joined The Athletic in recent years.

11. Checking in with another offseason workout

Motivation for a new year.

12. And lastly, a new painting from the great Graig Kreindler

His stuff usually focuses on players of many decades ago, but now, the early stages of a great Mike Trout piece

Another of his, posted today — the more usual kind:




The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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The Baseball Newsletter

The Baseball Newsletter

The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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