January 5, 2022

1. MLB Network drops Ken Rosenthal for criticizing Rob Manfred

And the front runner for worst commissioner in sports sprints further ahead, metal running spikes drilled into clown shoes, widening his comically huge lead.

From the article (link above):

Here was Rosenthal himself, after receiving the news:

And some of the reactions:

2. The Australian Baseball League now has a female pitcher

I’ve attended an ABL game before, back in 2015 in faraway Perth — a quiet, half-attended game comparable to most single-A teams here in the states, and now an exciting bit of news has emerged from the league.

3. The baseball highlight of the day: Melky Cabrera in the Dominican Republic

The Melk Man, at age 37, still bopping at the plate.

4. The quote of the day: Max Scherzer on the MLB lockout

From an interview with the LA Times, he spoke very candidly about the motivation of the players union (or at least how they’re selling their stance).

5. Remember the Adam LaRoche controversy when he demanded that his son hang out in the clubhouse before most games?

Now that kid is getting married.

He was the little kid in the dugout five years ago!

If you missed the original controversy:

From Wikipedia:

“On March 15, 2016, LaRoche said that he intended to ‘step away from baseball.’ He said that he would honor a request from teammates to reconsider his retirement for a day or two before making an official announcement. On the next day, it was revealed that LaRoche’s reason for a possible retirement was that the White Sox had placed a restriction on his 14-year-old son entering the team’s clubhouse every day. By retiring, LaRoche walked away from a $13 million contract. The following day, teammates were close to boycotting their spring training game until manager Robin Ventura stepped in and told the players to play. White Sox executive vice president Kenny Williams defended his request by stating ‘name one job in the country where you can bring your child to work every day.’”

6. On this day in baseball history

The Dodgers get their own plane (technically yesterday, in 1957).

And in 1920, the Yankees announce their greatest signing:

7. Here’s what that beautiful Appalachian State ballpark looks like now

Remember it from the fall?

8. The player tweet of the day: Brett Phillips

Take it from the airplane man, Gerrit Cole is a good pitcher.

9. Baseball’s top pitching prospect kicks a 40-yard field goal

Is 40 yards honestly that impressive, though?

10. Rest in peace, former MLB pitcher Jim Corsi

He played from 1988–99, with a career ERA of 3.25 and 8.0 WAR.

11. An interesting read on Venezuelan baseball

From the Caracas Chronicles:

“For the 2019–2020 season, uncertainty came in the form of MLB withdrawing from the Winter Agreement with Venezuela, fearing that they might fall in violation of OFAC directives and be the subject of sanctions.”

12. Cameron Maybin announces his retirement

A majorly hyped prospect, a key part of the Miguel Cabrera trade to the Tigers, and a solid career WAR mark of 13.5 —deciding to call it a day after fifteen seasons.

From his Twitter post, with the announcement:

13. Topps is being acquired by Fanatics

For a price tag of $500 million.

14. And lastly, some miscellaneous notes from around the league

The Mets have a new third-base coach (and possibly a first-base coach too), Ronald Acuña Jr.’s rehab work is coming along, and the Gerrit Cole & Brandon Crawford in-law hangouts continue.




The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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The Baseball Newsletter

The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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