January 24, 2022

1. MLB and the players union held a meeting this afternoon

Not much to report on, but at least it wasn’t a disaster.

The most important sentence of the day?

“Talks continue tomorrow.”

2. The 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame voting results will be announced tomorrow

It’s a pivotal year for the will steroid-era guys be rewarded? question, and (in my opinion) it’ll be a sad day if the biggest faces of steroid usage are allowed in. I’ve never heard a morally sound argument in favor of it — and in the name of good ethics and sportsmanship, seeing the tides of public opinion seemingly turn pro-Bonds and pro-Clemens on social media of late… it’s a bit of a shame.

But in any case, tomorrow we’ll be finding out who (if anyone) will make it in this summer in Cooperstown.

3. The surprise sighting of the weekend: A-Rod at Lambeau Field

He’s everywhere (whether we want him to be or not).

And here’s the selfie version:

4. The very appropriate social awareness night of the year

It’s hard to be a Mets fan.

5. The stat of the day: Robinson Cano wasn’t good this winter

He’s set to come back with the Mets this season, after the PED suspension, but you have to wonder if they’ll care to make room for him on the roster.

6. Some strategy on resolving the MLB lockout, with Tyler Glasnow

It always has to help being the tallest in the room.

7. Updates on MLB player content this offseason

8. And checking in on the MLB offseason workouts

Cross training is effective.

9. Kyle Schwarber gets his high school number retired

Should have his number retired in the school chorus, too.

10. And lastly, today’s vintage baseball photo: The Yankees bullpen car

Bring these things back, immediately.




The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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The Baseball Newsletter

The Baseball Newsletter

The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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