January 12, 2022

1. Jon Lester retires from baseball

Hats off to the former Cub, with a career maybe just short of legend status — who won the crucial Game 5 of the 2016 World Series, then came in to pitch several innings of Game 7 (and won two more rings with the Red Sox, of course).

Farewell, Jon Lester. And thank you for bringing such joy to the Cubbies.

His career numbers:

200 wins, 44.2 WAR, five All-Star teams

And remember that walk-off bunt?

2. MLB and the players union finally have plans to meet

Wake me up when it’s all sorted out.

From Bob Nightengale’s article, they’ll be meeting tomorrow:

3. The Mets are retiring Keith Hernandez’ number

The fourth player number retired in franchise history, as #17 goes up on the wall — joining Tom Seaver, Mike Piazza and Jerry Koosman (as well as Casey Stengel and Gil Hodges as managers).

4. Harrison Bader had to step in as a substitute teacher in Missouri

Short-staffed? Get in touch with an MLB player in their offseason.

5. The fences are coming in at Camden Yards

Or just one fence, at least, in left field.

From MLB Trade Rumors (via The Baltimore Sun):

“The stretch of the left field wall from the foul pole to the bullpen area in left-center field will be moved back roughly 30 feet, and also elevated to around 12 feet high from its current height of seven feet.”

6. Apple is in talks with MLB to broadcast games

Didn’t know Apple was even a broadcast company.

7. The obscure award of the year: Alex Anthopoulos

That most coveted of honors, most influential Canadian in baseball (MICB).

But sadly, in other Canadian baseball news, the field at the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame (in St Marys, Ontario) was vandalized:

8. Rest in peace, Rays bullpen catcher Jean Ramirez

At just 28 years old (unclear yet what happened).

9. The “Cane Guy” from that White Sox ALDS game is getting his own bobblehead

This might be the best news of the entire offseason, here.

In case you missed the original moment:

10. Bobby Valentine could be returning to the Mets

When your campaign for mayor of Stamford falls short, go back to what’s familiar.

11. Citi Field hosts a blood drive today

With many free tickets being given away, too.

12. The baseball taunt of the week: A selfie in the Dominican Republic

13. Torii Hunter’s son worked out with the Patriots

What a name on this guy.

14. Shohei Ohtani was featured in GQ today

He might be turning into the most famous player worldwide.

And he’s even on the banner image for their main Twitter account:

15. And lastly, some great vintage baseball photos




The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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The Baseball Newsletter

The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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