February 8, 2022

1. Trevor Bauer won’t be facing criminal charges

Unclear what this means for his Dodgers career, if there’s any way they’ll take him back — but this is the breaking news this afternoon:

Looks like the MLB portion of the investigation hasn’t concluded:

2. There’s now a baseball team called the “Genomes”

The Lexington Legends are undergoing a name change, and we have a new entry in the running for the worst moniker in the minor-leagues.

So the real question is, will they be doing gene therapy to medically alter the DNA of players? It would be like… steroids, on steroids.

3. Scott Boras is being viewed as a puppet master behind the entire MLB lockout

Either it’s a red herring by the owners to redirect the lockout narrative in the media, or (let’s be honest) it’s not actually that far-fetched.

Here’s the link to the discussion (video):

4. The Tigers are retiring Lou Whitaker’s number

One of the stars of the beloved 1984 team finally gets his due:

5. Could Kyler Murray be coming to MLB?


But it would be a very cool explanation to everything (he deleted all of his photos related to the Arizona Cardinals).

And remember, he was drafted ninth overall by the Oakland A’s in 2018.

6. Lockout season means it’s time to get ripped

No more steroid testing, at least for this brief window while there’s no official drug-testing agreement:

7. Rest in peace, Gerald Williams

After a fight with cancer, the former Yankee outfielder passed away this morning. His career numbers:

780 hits | 85 HR | 6.5 WAR | .255 batting average

A great highlight here, and a story (below) about his close friendship with Derek Jeter:

8. The vintage baseball photo of the day: Wrigley Field, 1937

There had been an earlier, similar scoreboard in the same place (maybe even more than one), but here what the construction looked like on the iconic one that’s still there today.

And another photo of Wrigley, that same year (colorized):

9. The Cubs might be bringing Anthony Rizzo back

Please. Yes. Absolutely.

10. And the Blackhawks are interviewing a guy from the Cubs’ front office

Assistant general manager for a baseball team? Simply lace up the skates and head to the Chicago hockey offices.

11. Some news on the search for a viable Rays ballpark

Hopefully, somehow, they can stay in the Tampa area.

From the article:

12. The baseball fight of the day: Umpire vs. player

Somewhere down in the Caribbean, an undersized umpire completely holds his own:

13. Pablo Sandoval is signing with a Mexican league team

Here’s the “hype video” announcement:

14. Details on the Mets old-timers game this summer

If we don’t get a full season, at least we’ll have this.

And Daniel Murphy is officially an “old-timer” now:

15. And lastly, Andrew Chafin straightened his hair

After, and before.




The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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The Baseball Newsletter

The Baseball Newsletter

The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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