February 3, 2022

1. This is how the MLB lockout negotiations have been going

The most annoying, money-obsessed dispute in recent sports memory just does not end. And not taking sides here, but the players are not at all blameless in all of this.

2. Found during a home renovation: 1600 baseball cards in the walls

And what do you do when you find a cool, but essentially worthless bit of nostalgia-kitsch in your walls? You let the internet tell you to make it an even more worthless duplicate and NFT-ify it.

3. ESPN released a “Top 100 MLB Players of All Time” list

With the early controversy owing to the fact that Derek Jeter, as very very great as he was, being placed two spots above Albert Pujols.

And today they released the final portion of the list, with the top three going:

1. Babe Ruth

2. Willie Mays

3. Hank Aaron

4. The finale of the Caribbean Series is tonight

Colombia vs. Dominican Republic. 6:00 ET.

5. Checking in with some offseason workouts

Highlighted by Mike Trout, with his dad in the baseball gym:

And Dustin May continues his long year of rehab:

6. Yasiel Puig arrives at Incheon International Airport

Still carrying his old Dodgers suitcase, too — as he gets ready to start a new season with the Kiwoom Heroes (Seoul, South Korea).

7. An interesting look into Buck Showalter’s early tenure with the Mets

He’s down at the Mets spring training facility, unable to work with the players but plotting, planning, keeping busy until the lockout starts testing his sanity.

From the New York Post:

“He learned the next day that he had taken Steve Cohen’s golf cart. Curious, Showalter asked the person who informed him how to know it was Cohen’s. ‘They are numbered and that is No. 1.’”

8. Cedric Mullins’ incredible season last year was done while battling Crohn’s Disease

All while his All-Star teammate Trey Mancini had just come back from cancer treatment — this Orioles team needs to build around these two.

9. Will Clark’s number will be retired by the Giants this summer

2022 honors #22, and his career numbers:

.303 batting average | 56.5 WAR | Six All-Star Games

10. Triple-A baseball is expanding to 150 games

Not very interesting, but — this is a lockout.

11. The vintage baseball clip of the day: Hank Aaron on Late Night

12. And lastly, how a baseball is made



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