February 28, 2022

1. Derek Jeter steps down as part-owner of the Marlins

Surprising news this morning, and his tenure as MLB part-owner comes to an end (at least for now) without much to show for it.

Some more info on the decision:

2. Updates from today’s MLB lockout meetings

Negotiating progress in Jupiter, Florida is many lightyears away.

But, at the very least, they’re not done negotiating today (as of 4:30 ET).

3. Bryce Harper has an alternate idea for baseball this year

From his Instagram story:

“Yomiuri Giants, you up? Got some time to kill.”

4. A ticket stub from Jackie Robinson’s first MLB game sells for $480,000

And, according to several articles, the most expensive sporting-event ticket ever sold at auction.

5. Sights from spring training, as baseball remains on hold

6. The baseball highlight of the weekend: Ole Miss defensive tackle

310 pounds. And a baseball launched over the fences.

7. And Tommy White continues to be red hot at the plate

Another NCAA freshman, and he’s completely dominating.

8. And the defensive play (attempt) of the weekend

Just missed. Awesome effort.

The completed-catch of the weekend might go to Harvard:

9. The vintage baseball photos of the day

Ski-jumping at Wrigley Field, bat day at Yankee Stadium.

10. Oliver Perez will retire after the 2022 Mexican League season

A 19-year MLB veteran, and one of the few remaining back-in-the-day players you might even see in Youtube clips from early 2000’s seasons, along with Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera.

Eight teams | 11.3 WAR | 73 wins | 1,545 strikeouts

And back in 2006, he started Game 7 of the NLCS for the Mets, the final playoff game at Shea Stadium.

11. Jim Thome is named president of the MLBPAA

Taking over duties with the retired players association, for Brooks Robinson (who knew he was still putting in that work, at age 84?):

12. Blue Jays pitcher Alek Manoah offers to pay for a Twitter troll’s flight

“I’m taking you 450 [feet] to dead center.”

“Oh yeah? Show me.”

13. Trevor May talks about the season getting delayed until May

His surname appears purely coincidentally related.

14. And lastly, here was Michael Kay’s weekend

Because what else are we going to take in, but the Yankees play-by-play announcer’s family life, with no spring training games happening?





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