February 24, 2022

1. Another day, another meeting


2. The Yankees are retiring Paul O’Neill’s number

A great honor for a great Yankee career — but pretty soon, they must just be starting to run out of numbers.

3. A message from baseball fans to Rob Manfred

“We want a seat at the table.”

4. The awful swing of the day: University of Texas baseball

Baseball is very difficult, but oof.

5. Checking in on baseball offseason training

With donut and pizza weights:

And a batting practice session from a Cub and former teammate, this generation’s “Mr. Cub”.

6. Max Scherzer is signing jerseys outside of the lockout meetings

7. A snapshot from spring training in Arizona

No major-league players yet, but there’s a cat.

8. Joe Kelly’s mariachi jacket might make a comeback

And he might be back with the Dodgers this year, too.

9. Turn a double play? The coaches do pushups

This should happen in the major-leagues — at least in the event of a triple play.

10. Rest in peace, Julio Cruz

His career numbers:

10 seasons | 916 hits | 16.9 WAR

And he scored the winning run of the 1983 White Sox divisional clinching game — tagging from third base at home in Chicago:

11. Freddie Freeman might not return to the Braves

Seems pretty foolish to not ink him to the finish-your-career-here deal.

12. And lastly, the baseball movie revelation of the day

The same actor, in The Sandlot and Moneyball. Who knew?



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