February 21, 2022

1. We now have photos from the MLB lockout negotiations

A group confab in the parking lot, and we might have some progress from the sporadic fifteen-minute charade meetings we’ve been seeing for the past three months.

The group includes Max Scherzer (on the left), Francisco Lindor, Jameson Taillon, among others:

And Tony Clark looks like a pastor from 1875 named Zebulon:

Lucky for everyone, and for baseball in 2022, we got extra innings for this iteration of the meeting — over an hour total, and maybe still going.

2. A guy snuck into Petco Park and drove a car around the field

The best white Bronco chase in southern California since, well…

3. The Jorge Soler home run ball from the World Series has sold

Before you read on, guess the price?

And in case you forgot which home run we’re talking about, it’s that one. Now a collector’s item for $70,000.

4. Brett Phillips is doing hot yoga at the local studio with middle-aged women

The Tampa-area kid stays local in the offseason, going to Rowdies soccer games, helping the nearby high school baseball teams at practice, swinging by the yoga studio down the street for training — from the Tampa Bay Times:

5. College baseball teams are now using digital watches to relay signs

If only each MLB team had these during the entire 2017 Astros season, things may have turned out just a little bit differently.

6. Highlights from the early NCAA season

It just started up this past week, with some excellent bits to savor, for the baseball-deprived (softball, too).

Including a “telescope” home run celebration:

And a football score, from Penn State Abington:

7. The MVP of the early season is NC State freshman Tommy White

“Tommy Tanks”, they’re calling him, after three home runs in his college debut.

8. We have a candidate for the outrageous moment of the year

Walk-off home run, then it’s erased completely.

Here’s the breakdown from Jomboy:

9. An interesting article on baseball in Britain

A snippet from a pretty long piece in this week’s San Francisco Chronicle:

10. Here’s footage of #2 overall draft pick Jack Leiter

With no MLB players taking the field, the minor-league signees are still out there practicing:

11. Josh Donaldson chimes in after the NBA All-Star Game

First, he sees the effort level (and retweeted this video)

And then, a comment in praise of baseball’s version:

12. And lastly, a happy Presidents Day to you

As it turns out, William Howard Taft was the first U.S. President to throw out a first ball in MLB history — before the mound became the spot in recent decades, for a long while they’d do a little semi-toss from the stands:



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