February 15, 2022

1. Pitchers and catchers did not report today

Today was the day, and Major League Baseball did not pick us, the fans, to be their Valentine.

The February 15th square on your calendar comes alive and takes on Marlon Brando’s voice: “I coulda been somebody…”

2. Ryan Zimmerman announces his retirement

He seemed to retire at the end of the season, but then left the door open, and now this afternoon he officially announces the end to a brilliant career.

16 seasons with the Nationals | 2019 World Series champion

Two-time All Star | 40.1 WAR | 284 HR | .816 OPS

3. Matt Harvey admits to drug use during the Tyler Skaggs trial today

Pretty sad story, and finding out today the extent to Matt Harvey’s involvement (among many others).

Tiki Barber shared a story about Harvey’s behavior when he was still a star on the Mets, from today’s radio show:

And another story today from the New York radio world:

4. Familiar faces from the Super Bowl

Who else, but Alex Rodriguez?

And Kyle Schwarber, Ohio native, was at the game cheering on the Bengals — but as you could expect, by contrast, no selfie

And then, the story you’ve probably all heard by now, how Clayton Kershaw was teammates with Matthew Stafford in high school — and he was there on set before the game:

5. This is the year we can’t, sadly, flip our sports calendars

The day after the Super Bowl, you know the phrase:

“It’s baseball season.”

6. The highlight of the day: Chris Archer pitching a mound session

It’s not much, but it’s something.

7. Trevor May’s cat is safe and sound

This is what a lockout + offseason is all about!

(Trying not to lose my mind here).

8. The baseball writer getting corrected via the mail moment of the day

Brendan Kuty (beat writer for the Yankees) might be receiving mail from a crazy person — but they do have a point, when it comes to linguistic redundancy.

9. A long sit-down interview with Derek Jeter

From the Players’ Tribune, founded by Jeter himself:

10. And lastly, the Braves are entering the “Metaverse”

Maybe, in the metaverse, both the lockout and winter are over and we can all put on the headsets and watch the whole season from in there.

On a serious note, what’s the point of all this?



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