February 11, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readFeb 11, 2022


1. Today is a memorial service for pitchers batting in baseball

The entire newsletter will be dedicated to this most wonderful, whimsical piece of our national pastime — taken from us by the ever-churning engine of greed, deal-making, and “progress” that’s anything but.

In mourning, let us celebrate the good times, the great times, the times when a pitcher walked up in a big spot, looking tentative and goofy and gangly, and came through against all odds with a bit of magic.

2. October 10, 2016

Jake Arrieta, going yard off Bumgarner in an NLDS classic.

3. April 1, 2013

Clayton Kershaw’s only career home run.

4. October 12, 2018

The final postseason home run by a pitcher.

5. October 8, 2016

Travis Wood coming out of the bullpen in the 2016 NLDS and going deep — after a two-run single by starter Kyle Hendricks, and the game before the three-run shot by Jake Arrieta (see above).

6. July 4, 1985

Rick Camp ties the game in the 18th inning.

7. September 24, 2019

Madison Bumgarner hits his 19th career home run, the second-most in the modern era (excluding Shohei Ohtani).

8. June 3, 2012

Carlos Zambrano hits his 24th career home run, the most in the modern era for a standard starting pitcher (Ohtani, once gain, not included).

9. July 8, 2021

Daniel Camarena comes in from the bullpen and joins the “Slam Diego” crew.

10. May 21, 2005

Koo Dae Sung proves Tim McCarver dead wrong.

11. October 15, 2003

Kerry Wood ties the game in Game 7.

12. And lastly — May 7, 2016

Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon brings the house down with one of the most iconic home runs in baseball history.

Rest in peace, baseball as we always knew it.



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