February 10, 2022

1. Highlights from Commissioner Rob Manfred’s press conference today

He addressed the media this morning, with updates and optimism up his sleeve, but still nothing much to celebrate.

2. Sadly, no more pitchers batting in the National League

They tried it in the shortened 2020 season, it just didn’t feel right, and now to the chagrin of almost all National League fans (if you disagree, where’s your heart?): The D.H. is becoming universal.

3. Rest in peace, Jeremy Giambi

Solid player, brother of Jason, part of the 2001 “Moneyball” Athletics, and he sadly passed away at 47 years old yesterday. His career numbers:

.263 batting average | 52 HR | 3.4 WAR | .807 OPS

4. A good listen: Clayton Kershaw on The Dan Patrick Show

From yesterday morning’s broadcast, the former high school teammate of Matthew Stafford chimes in on the Super Bowl and other little bits (including meeting John Wooden):

5. The baseball read of the day: The Daniel Brito comeback story

It reads like something that’ll become a movie someday:

“On July 30, 2021, Daniel Brito suffered a seizure and internal brain bleeding on the field. Now, just over five months later, the 24-year-old Venezuelan is forcing his way back into baseball.”

The article link here:

6. The surprise guest at the MLB lockout meetings

Spin the cap backwards, turn on the charm, and help a deal get done.

And it was on this day 22 years ago, that he made his grand return to Cincinnati:

7. The soundtrack to the MLB meetings

John Williams, echoing over the carpet and fake plants of a hotel lobby in Orlando, apparently.

8. Jim Riggleman is heading to Montana

When you’ve managed six MLB teams over a span of twenty-plus years, and find yourself out of a gig — this is the way you semi-retire. Pack up the car and head out to the mountain west.

9. Here’s Shohei Ohtani’s reaction to seeing his MLB The Show poster

10. And lastly, the awfully false-sounding number of the day

Owning a baseball team isn’t profitable?

Here’s the counterpoint:



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