December 3, 2021

1. A highlight from the World Series, MLB lockout style

Unnamed player goes deep off unnamed player!

And a brand new cover for MLB The Show:

2. Day two of the MLB lockout continues with a reiteration

Yesterday, the homepage was wiped clean but for a few baseball history posts, and a letter from the Commissioner.

And so today, no new letter, but he “reiterates”:

Not much new or interesting to report, but here were some of Manfred’s comments, at the press conference in Texas:

3. Brian Cashman rappeled down a building in Stamford, CT

First, there was the sleeping bag on the pavement in New York, and now he’s going down the facade of a twenty-story building.

Not for charity this time, but for his local holiday season event:

And yet, during one of the wildest, most expensive free agent signings flurries in baseball history these past two weeks, the Yankees did almost nothing. Don’t worry, he must have a plan.

4. MLB Network, like the MLB website, has stopped showing player images and highlight reels entirely

Big of an awkward void to fill for an entire channel.

5. And “Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead Night” has now been renamed

“Historic Season Bobblehead Night”.

6. MLB team shops, oddly, are still up and running

The team shops are run by a partnership with Fanatics (with the MLBPA), so this might be the only player-image-and-likeness element still active.

7. Here was Buster Olney yesterday on The Michael Kay Show (ESPN)

Discussing the lockout, and saying that it could unfortunately last much longer than we think (into next summer, even).

8. Here’s how Corey Seager looks in his new Rangers threads

From the pre-lockout days of yore, earlier this week:

9. In other Dodger news: Chris Taylor takes less pay to stay in L.A.

One of the last deals to get done before the lockout started, and got short shrift in the newsletter amid all the signings going on this week. So, here it is again — one of the most likeable players in baseball deciding to stay home in that familiar Dodger blue (four years, $60 million).

10. Wander Franco and Vladdy Guerrero Jr. are working out together

Maybe the two best pure hitters in the league next year, doing the same training regimen. A great sight to see.

11. And Vlad Guerrero has another son coming up in baseball

Whatever they have to do, the Blue Jays need to acquire the guy.

12. A video of the Marcell Ozuna domestic violence incident was published this week by TMZ

It’s not clear how or why the footage came out this week, around the same time his 20-game suspension (already served, technically) was announced by MLB — so when baseball returns, he’ll apparently be eligible to play.

13. The world-class baseball names of the offseason

Maybe not the first time you’ve seen them mentioned, but this week two gems found their way onto the Twitter feed once again:

Richard Lovelady, and Lucius Fox.

14. And lastly, the Dodgers goodbye video for Corey Seager

A very well done piece, for the World Series MVP shortstop.




The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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The Baseball Newsletter

The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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