December 27, 2021

1. Wishing a merry baseball Christmas to you all

With some great photos for the occasion.

2. Another of Vladimir Guerrero’s sons is hitting stickball moonshots in the Dominican Republic

This guy is Vladi Miguel Guerrero.

3. And the great Ji-Man Choi is golfing on TV in Korea

With a good offseason workout plan and charity work to go with, too:

4. This might be the weirdest baseball game of the entire year

A no-hitter, but the team that got no-hit won the game. And it was their first game back at their home stadium in five years.

5. Somebody made a replica of PNC Park in gingerbread

First dibs on the foul poles.

6. Mitch Moreland was in a Jeopardy question last week

Now that’s a gimme.

7. Checking in with some more players in the offseason

8. Gerrit Cole and Brandon Crawford coincidentally spend holidays together

It’s like Jamie Moyer and Digger Phelps, kind of (surely someone here has a better baseball in-laws reference than that).

9. The baseball highlight of the week: Franchy Cordero

A familiar face on the injury-and-covid beleaguered Red Sox roster, this past season — playing now in the Dominican Republic:

10. This is it, the baseball name of the year

Out of Curacao, it’s Miriojaycey-Rachidnycander Ray Jean Tadeo Benita.

11. The Blue Jays opt for major renovations to the Rogers Centre, instead of a new ballpark

With a price tag of $200–250 million.

12. The MLB lockout is making things awkward for families

A “supremely weird spot” indeed.

13. Anthony Rizzo, Mike Trout and crew get shown a magic trick

It’s not clear why they were all together — or, rather, why Rizzo was hanging with a bunch of Angels (maybe the Dexter Fowler connection), but it’s worth the watch:

14. And lastly, greetings from snowy Seattle




The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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The Baseball Newsletter

The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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