August 9, 2022

1. Chris Sale broke his wrist riding a bicycle

And the nightmare turn to this Red Sox season continues.

This isn’t his first rodeo, when it comes to the fragility of one of the best (but rarely ever seen) pitchers in baseball.

At least Twitter people were able to mine some humor out of the whole thing.

2. The highlight of the day: Aaron Judge hits home run #44

If he keeps this up, neutral baseball fans everywhere will be tuning in for the whole month of September.

3. Jason Heyward’s time with the Cubs is coming to an end

Thank you forever, for the best speech in Chicago history.

4. The defensive highlight of the day: A strike-’em-out-throw-’em out double play game ender

5. There’s a proposal for an airborne cable car to Dodger Stadium

And as we could all predict with city development projects, there’s local backlash — including a Twitter account called @ stopthegondola.

6. In other Dodger Stadium news…

Will Ferrell played ping pong in the outfield last night.

7. The game to watch tonight: Blue Jays vs. Orioles

Baltimore, somehow, has a legitimate chance at a playoff spot — and the momentum hasn’t been this high in years.

The highlights from last night’s Orioles win:

8. The Yankees and Mets both have the same record

Weeks ago, there was a big gap for supremacy over the five boroughs — and now The Bronx and Queens are in a dead heat.

9. Various news from around the league

10. And lastly, the Field of Dreams game is this Thursday

Cubs vs. Reds. 7:15 ET.



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