August 8, 2022

1. The MLB standings this Monday afternoon

There’s a clear #1 team in baseball, and it’s not the Yankees anymore.

2. The highlight of the weekend: Dan Vogelbach running the bases

“270 feet of magic,” as Gary Cohen called it on the broadcast.

3. Jacob deGrom was dominant again in his second start of the year

With a perfect game into the sixth inning.

4. And the Mets beat the Braves three times in a row this weekend

And their closer has the coolest walk-up music in the league:

5. Pete Rose made an appearance at Citizens Bank Park

6. A recap of Sunday Night Baseball last night on ESPN

It’s been a very deflating weekend for Padres fans, after the blockbuster trade deadline deals turned into this:

Losing a sweep at Dodger Stadium.

7. The Bobby Bonilla contract sold for $180,000

He’s still getting paid over $1 million by the Mets until 2035.

8. The Cardinals swept the Yankees in St. Louis

A rare meeting of two of baseball’s most historic teams, and the downturn in the Yankees season continues — while the Cardinals just surged into first place with a seven-game win streak.

9. It’s great to see Camden Yards packed to the brim once again

The biggest surprise team in baseball is aiming for a playoff spot, and the Maryland faithful are noticing.

And baseball overall is in a good place, too:

10. Lou Whitaker’s #1 was retired at Comerica Park

11. The Phillies are red hot

They’ve won nine of their last ten games, and if the season ended today, they’d be in the playoffs.

12. And lastly, Cleveland’s mustard hot dog has been demoted

Easily the most shocking move since the trade deadline.



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