August 5, 2022

1. Padres fans are having the time of their life

The big debut of the new star lineup could not have gone any better — here was how the first inning played out on Wednesday night:

Slam Diego is most definitely back.

And Petco Park was absolutely packed, taking it all in.

2. More on Juan Soto’s big move to San Diego

3. The highlight of the day: Oneil Cruz into the Allegheny River

And it wasn’t pulled down the line along the foul pole — he hits it that far to right-center field.

4. The Angels hit seven home runs yesterday and lost

Seven solo home runs. Seven runs. A final score of 8–7.

5. The photo of the day: Lightning at the Phillies game

And they went on to win in a five-inning shortened game, keeping up their brilliant stretch of late even with Bryce Harper still on the mend.

6. Bubba Thompson is the fastest guy you’ll see all season

This guy should simply do the bunt + sprint every time.

7. More on the passing of Mr. Vin Scully

8. There might be a future MLB game in Evansville, Indiana

From the article:

And next week, we’ll have another “Field of Dreams” game —although this year it’ll be (unfortunately) two of the worst teams in the National League.

9. Derek Jeter addresses the longtime “gift basket” rumor

In case you’d never heard it, the rumor was that he’d given gift baskets to every woman he “spent time” with during his bachelor days, as departing gestures.

From The Captain documentary episode last night:

10. The awkward moment of the week, featuring the owner of the Pirates

Pirates fans are so fed up that they’re printing shirts saying “SELL THE TEAM”. And when one of them meets him, well — we get the double take of the year.

11. The Dodgers sweep the Giants yet again

And tonight, it’ll be one of the biggest games of the year — the new-look Padres come to town for a must-watch three-game set.

But there’s a bit of bad news, in Dodger Land.

12. Lastly the tweet of the week, from the Cleveland Guardians



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