August 3, 2022

1. Rest in peace, Mr. Vin Scully

One of the great voices of American history, a wonderful man and wonderful life.

And he passed away last night at a time that feels like a “God-wink”:

While the Dodgers played the Giants in San Francisco, the very same circumstances of his final major-league broadcast in 2016.

2. A few of the great, historic calls from the great Vin Scully

Among his many wonderful traits, the choice to simply stay silent at the right times, and let the moment and crowd roar through the broadcast — was simply brilliant.

3. And just a few of the classic Vin Scully storytelling moments

This is where he truly shined, and stood alone as a storyteller.

4. Reactions and memorials to Vin Scully

5. A few bits on Vin Scully’s early career and the Brooklyn Dodgers

6. And on his influence and legacy on the radio

He called the games by himself. On TV, and on the radio. We’ll never see something like it again.

7. In other baseball news, the trade deadline wrapped up yesterday

The newsletter went up before a few of the final deals came through yesterday, and so here’s what all happened in case you missed it:

8. And White Sox fans are not happy about their acquisitions

9. Jacob deGrom was electric in his return last night

He comes out throwing 102 mph and nearly strikes out the side in the first inning. And yet, as it’s always been with him and the Mets — he pitches a great game and they lose.

10. The Padres might’ve had the best day in franchise history

They get Juan Soto. They get Josh Bell. They get Josh Hader. They get Brandon Drury. Their injured superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. is likely returning within a week. The rival Dodgers bizarrely traded for maybe the worst hitter in the league, Joey Gallo.

And they swept a doubleheader at home yesterday, ending with a walk-off home run. San Diego is cloud nine buzzing.

11. Kirk Gibson on Vin Scully calling his two most iconic moments

1984 World Series, 1988 World Series. Legendary moments, legendary calls in the broadcast booth.

12. And lastly, the final three outs of Sandy Koufax’s perfect game

Rest in peace, to the greatest to ever do it — Mr. Vin Scully.



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