August 2, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readAug 2, 2022

1. Juan Soto has been traded to the Padres

The stove was hot, and now it’s cooking up brontosaurus burgers.

And almost as a forgotten sidenote, Josh Bell is also going to San Diego — batting .301 this year with 14 home runs and an .877 OPS.

2. In his last game as a Washington National, Soto homered off his old buddy Max Scherzer

A sad day for Nats fans, and a very sad two years overall — but at least last night there was a little moment of smile before goodbye.

3. Eric Hosmer put a peculiar twist on the Soto deal

After the news of the deal came out, there was an immediate addendum — and no one was sure whether the deal was off, Hosmer was going to the Nationals, or to a third team later-to-be-named, or what all was happening.

And then, this.

And finally, this.

4. In case you missed it, that’s not all the Padres did

At last, there might be a deep October run in San Diego.

5. In other news: It’s a sad day for baseball

Brett Phillips is no longer a Tampa Bay Ray.

6. The rest of the trade news from today and yesterday

Dumping the whole duffel bag of news out on the countertop here.

7. And the bizarre trade of the day: Joey Gallo to the Dodgers

He’s been excruciatingly bad for the Yankees this year — striking out almost every time he steps to the plate — and yet, the other best team in baseball makes a move for him?

8. Jacob deGrom makes his 2022 debut tonight

After all that trade deadline news — we have a major event tonight in the baseball world. And considering he’s facing a completely stripped-down Nationals team, strap your no-hitter-alert goggles on tight.

9. Aaron Judge hit another home run last night

You know a lot has happened in a day of baseball, when this is buried this deep into the newsletter.


And the Yankees are the first team to 70 wins.

10. Tony La Russa looked like he needed a nap last night

And this clip is from the first inning.

11. Austin Riley signed a huge extension with the Braves

There’s a lot of world class talent locked up for many years now, down in Atlanta.

12. And lastly, a great Buck Showalter moment

Baseball lessons 101.