August 10, 2022

1. The highlight of the day: A cell phone at third base

There’s no crying in baseball.

And there’s no tweeting at third base.

2. In other base running news, the Yankees had an all-time bad night

A scoreless game until the thirteenth inning — and watching this, you can see why.

3. The home run of the day: Manny Machado

The Padres led 4–1 going into the ninth, their brand new All-Star closer blew the save, but then in the bottom of the inning — Manny came through.

4. And earlier in the game, Juan Soto hit his first Padres home run

5. A heartwarming moment from the Little League World Series

6. Putting Aaron Judge’s home run pace into perspective

A chart from the baseball page on Reddit:

7. Ronald Acuna Jr. had one of the slides of the year last night

And then, watch him score from first base here:

8. The Orioles won again last night

Welcome to the Rougned Odor show.

9. Yandy Diaz is scared of ghosts in Milwaukee

There’s an old Milwaukee hotel infamous for spectral hauntings, and baseball teams staying there on road trips to play the Brewers — and, well, the place just found its latest victim.

10. The deep home run of the day: Ryan McMahon

495 feet into the thin Colorado air.

11. Shohei Ohtani’s star shines brightly yet again

A win, a home run, and two milestones in one night.

12. And lastly, the quote of the day



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