August 1, 2022

1. Aaron Judge is the home run king of the world

A walk-off long ball for a 1–0 win on Thursday.

Then two more homers on Friday.

Another on Saturday.

And he’s got 42 before August.

Even if you’re not a Yankees fan, you have to stand up and applaud this man.

2. The final MLB trade deadline is tomorrow evening

Rumors are flying. Actual trades have been somewhat scarce.

The biggest names moved so far:

And the biggest name (that might still be on the move) is reportedly down to three teams — four if you count the Nationals.

3. The league standings this Monday afternoon

Things are getting tight in the AL Central.

4. Jacob deGrom makes his season debut tomorrow night

5. The Durham Bulls (Rays Triple-A team) have a bat dog

And now, awesomely, with a GoPro camera on its back:

6. The clutch hit of the weekend: Austin Riley

Putting the icing on the cake of the best month of his career.

7. The very “reliable” insider scoop of the week

When you run into superagent Scott Boras at a Padres game, you know you’ll be getting the complete and transparent truth from him.

8. The Rays had the best giveaway item of the year

They already had the “Florida Man” Mike Zunino bobblehead, and now this.

10. And lastly, more news ahead of the trade deadline



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