April 9, 2022

1. The Blue Jays had the comeback win of the year

On Opening Night, yes, but we might not see a turnaround this big for a while. And the all-hyped team of this year’s American League, down 7–0 early in front of a packed home crowd with the Rogers Centre finally back to full capacity, well, they delivered.

2. Javy Baez and the Tigers had a very weird walk-off win

They tied it in the bottom of the ninth with a solo home run, they Austin Meadows hit a triple, and Javy Baez came up (in his first game with the Tigers) and did this:

Catch! No catch! Catch!? Walk-off double just barely off the wall.

3. The awkward moment of the day: Gary Sanchez

Bottom of the ninth. Two outs. Down by a run. Runner on base, a home run would win the game.

He hits it, he bat flips, and then… ouch.

4. The Mets and Nationals had a benches clearing incident

Two straight nights now, that Mets batters have been hit in the face by a pitch — and things got tense immediately.

But don’t worry, the funky bullpen cart came in to calm things down:

5. The Phillie Phanatic parachuted into Opening Day

6. Kyle Schwarber homered to lead off the 2022 season for the Phillies

First at-bat, the new leadoff man. Gone.

7. Fan incidents and fights are already taking off

Two days into the season and it’s getting a bit wild.

8. Yankee Stadium played the Ukrainian anthem before the first pitch on Opening Day

A moving moment, before the first pitch in New York.

9. And Gerrit Cole got ticked off because of a four-minute delay

Billy Crystal came out to throw the first pitch, after both anthems were played, and then there was a little temper tantrum — strange look for the guy.

10. Tim Hill (Padres) blew a no-hitter on back-to-back nights

Not his own no-hitter, but coming in for relief — and gave up the first hit of the night twice in a row, to start the Padres season.

11. Brandon Belt is the full-fledged captain of San Francisco

Enters on a boat, throws the first pitch, hits a home run, and the Giants win.

12. The Yankees hit two “unicorn” home runs, then won in extras

Home runs in only one of 30 ballparks.

13. Jack White played the national anthem on the guitar before the Tigers game

And then later that night, onstage at his own concert, proposed to his girlfriend — and then got married right then and there. Wow.

14. Lastly, miscellaneous moments and bits from around the league

Once again — Happy Opening Week, everyone.



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