April 6, 2022

1. Tomorrow is Opening Day

Get your Cracker Jack, get your peanuts. Baseball is back.

And with inclement weather on the east coast, tomorrow’s first-schedule game (Red Sox vs. Yankees) has been postponed until Friday:

And so, the first game of the year will be at lovely, chilly Wrigley Field.

1:20 CT.

2. The Braves will be wearing gold-highlighted uniforms

The color of world champions.

3. And they’re selling a burger for $151

Eggs. Foie gras. Lobster tail. Truffle aioli.

4. Jose Ramirez signed a big extension with the Indi — Guardians

And in one fell swoop, their measly payroll just about doubled.

6. The highlight of the day: Bryce Harper hits two HRs

He’s at eight now in spring training, after the final exhibition game this afternoon.

7. There’s a Don Mattingly documentary on MLB Network

Assuming they’ll be re-running it throughout this month:

8. Yasiel Puig is back making highlights from South Korea

9. The stat of the day: Clayton Kershaw

10. When you get traded teams suddenly, the glove lags behind

Yankees uniform. Mets leather.

11. It was “Toupee Tuesday” on the Padres broadcast yesterday

The absolute two best bald guys in the business.

12. And lastly, the newspaper graphic of the year (so far)

From The New York Post, earlier this week:

Happy Opening Day, everyone!



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