April 4, 2022

1. It’s Opening Week

Just a few days left of spring training, and then it’s on. After much delay, much uncertainty — the 2022 MLB season is coming to a ballpark near you.

Here’s the schedule for Opening Day on Thursday:

2. Angel Stadium was rocking last night

The last three games of spring training for the Los Angeles teams are at the major-league ballparks — and last night felt like it really was a regular-season game.

Ohtani took Walker Buehler deep to right field:

Noah Syndergaard pitched well:

And just like in the regular season, we got a post-game fight:

3. Billy Hamilton made the play of spring training

Spring climbing. Spring leaping. Spring soaring.

4. Coronavirus has officially been “destroyed” by the Korean baseball league

After all this time, it was that easy.

5. Miscellaneous news from around the league

6. The quote of the day: Tony La Russa

What does this even mean?

7. Tim McCarver is officially retired

He’s been doing Cardinals games part-time for the past several years, and now after many brilliant years in broadcasting, many World Series called — he’s heading off into the sunset.

8. The stat of the day: Mookie Betts vs. AJ Pollock

One is a household name, the other isn’t — but some very interesting, surprising parity between these two (at least for one season).

9. The blunder of the weekend

Never get lured into a conversation on second base.

10. Three players got a 99 rating in the new MLB The Show game

Take a guess before scrolling down?

11. Some snapshots of team building outings

Less time for this kind of thing with the shortened spring training, but two nice, generous gestures from Scherzer and Vladdy:

12. Lastly, the vintage photo of the day

No wave at Wrigley Field!



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