1. Fernando Tatis Jr. leads the league in errors

Twice as many as all of the next closest guys, other than Bo Bichette, and he’s four ahead of him. He’s amazing to watch, his numbers are unreal, but — what’s going on with this?

2. Mike Trout answers Call of Duty questions in the outfield

“Hey — MP5 right hand? MAC-10 left hand!?”

He’s the best in the league, maybe even the most beloved in the league — and he even gave the baseball internet just what they needed the other day:

And we might be seeing the best season of his career so far:

3. Catch of the day that wasn’t actually a catch

At the Trop, you get this: a pop-up flies up toward roof of the dome, Sean Murphy tracks it, runs it down, bumps the ump out of his way, comes down with it barehanded — and then, it gets called back.

Interference from hitting the catwalk:

4. Nolan Arenado gets hit in retaliation by the Phillies

In case you missed it, a Cardinals reliever came in the day prior and proceeded to hit Bryce Harper in the face, and then Didi Gregorius in the ribs, on his first two pitches.

And so, yesterday, the response:

After the game, Cards manager Mike Shildt had a few approving remarks to say — and told the media that Bryce Harper had texted Cabrera that, basically, all was forgiven. Situation diffused.

Very nice gesture from Harper:

5. And later that game, the Cardinals won on a walk-off wild pitch:

6. The Giants are atop the NL West for the first time since August 2016

To just about everyone in baseball’s surprise, they have the best win percentage in the whole National League, a month into the season — and they didn’t even need to play last night, to take over in first:

7. Roberto Alomar put onto baseball’s “ineligible list”

Being on the list means basically what it sounds like: he’s not allowed to play, coach or be employed in any way in MLB or the minor leagues. And he’s the only current Hall of Famer on the list.

8. Defensive plays of the day: Wong, Kikuchi, Trammell, Phillips

9. Trevor Bauer really makes sure to avoid an interference call at first base

If you missed it, here’s what happened the day before, at the same ballpark. The most bizarre, worst umpire call of the year:

10. Mammoth home runs of the day: Ozuna & Mercedes

11. Somehow, Eric Lauer keeps dominating the Dodgers, and no one else

The Padres need to get this guy back on their roster, if they want to stand a chance in the NL West this year. Pitch him against no one else, but every inning of every game against the Dodgers:

12. A day later, here’s a great video edit on the Rizzo / Freeman strikeout

13. Corbin Burnes heads to the IL

1.53 ERA through five starts this year, and in the early early N.L. Cy Young “also-rans” conversation, behind the king of baseball — Jacob deGrom.

Unclear exactly what happened, as there’s no injury listed:

14. Steve Cohen is having Mets players over for personal dinners

So far, Pete Alonso, Brandon Nimmo and Marcus Stroman have come out to his Connecticut house, for dinner.

And don’t forget the chicken parm and ravioli Cohen shared with Lindor in spring training to get a 10-year contract signed…

15. Lastly, here’s a runner scoring on a balk last night

Because, honestly, who doesn’t love that?

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