April 29, 2022

1. Update (3:10 ET) — Trevor Bauer is suspended for two years

More to come on this as the day goes on, but this news just broke.

2. Highlights from Ronald Acuna Jr.’s return to the Braves

First game back after a year, starting at the lead-off spot — and he got the call while playing video games late the night before:

Here he was coming up to the plate in the first inning, the hit late in the game, the second steal, and then maybe the best of all — the most stylish baseball cap design of the year.

Here he was after the game:

3. Guardians catcher Austin Hedges added a “F*** yeah!” audio track into their PitchCom devices

The best part is that one of their pitchers didn’t know about it until the first time he heard it in his ear, out there on the mound in a game.

4. Yadier Molina stole second base

39 years old, probably a year cumulatively spent actually in a crouch behind the plate, knees aging, horsepower down to nearly zero. And yet, he goes for it.

5. The Yankees are getting hot

The most talked about, complained about, hyped about team in baseball, especially these past few years — and after starting the year quietly, things are turning completely the other way.

Winning eight of their last nine:

6. The Rockies’ strength coach ate 25 cheesesteaks during their trip to Philly

The Rockies got swept over four games, but hey — they’ll always have this.

7. Minor League players are petitioning for better pay

8. Alek Manoah is 4–0 with a 1.44 ERA

The Blue Jay had a surprise Cy Young winner last year with Robbie Ray, who then left for the Mariners—and might they have another candidate this year?

9. The Contreras brothers had a great moment before last night’s game in Atlanta

Willson and William, with a lineup card and hug.

10. The best series of the weekend: Phillies vs. Mets

The Mets have the best record in the National League, the Phillies have won four games in a row. Starts tonight at Citi Field, 7:10 ET.

11. The Charleston RiverDogs (Rays affiliate) are hosting little leaguers at their ballpark who had a game interrupted by gunshots

A very nice, cool gesture after a disturbing incident in Charleston, South Carolina a few days ago.

Here was the gunfire near the little league field:

12. Nolan Arenado (and others) face suspensions for the fighting incident on Wednesday

I’d call it a “brawl” but it didn’t get that far. So, fighting incident it is. And the great Stubby Clapp (who body-slammed Pete Alonso) somehow gets away scot-free for now.

13. Lastly, this is how you steal home

Amazing move.



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