April 26, 2022

1. There’s a Nolan Ryan documentary coming out in May

Pete Rose in the trailer:

“There was a lot of lambs in the league. Nolan was the lion.”

Coming out in theaters nationwide, May 24th.

2. Walker Buehler pitched his first career complete-game shutout

Don’t attempt a feat like this at home, unless you have some smelling salts. 108 pitches, three hits, nine innings.

3. The Mets had a massive comeback win in the ninth inning

Or a massive collapse by the Cardinals, depending on how you look at it.

The context:

First match-up of two of the National League’s best teams. Mets are down 2–0 in the ninth. There are two outs. Two strikes. And then, a rally starts when Nolan Arenado gloves a hard-hit ground ball throws it high.

Then, the next batter, more chaos breaks out — and the Mets take the lead.

And then, finally, the first pitch coming back from commercial break with a pitching change — Brandon Nimmo hits it into the seats in right field. Mets take a 5–2 lead (which they went on to win by).

The Mets are 13–5 now, the second-best record in baseball.

Oh, and Max Scherzer had another dominant start.

4. Bo Bichette hit a huge grand slam to keep the Blue Jays in first place

Tie game, eighth inning, at home in Toronto. And the first grand slam of his career seals the win for the Blue Jays (11–6 now).

5. The aftermath of the infamous ump show on Sunday night

Kyle Schwarber, importantly, comes out the unscathed hero.

And the “robo umps” movement gains significant steam across the baseball world.

6. Mike Trout hit a very cool, very unusual triple

A little check-swing dink down the line, he turns on the jets and there he went, all the way into third base.

The 50th triple of his MLB career:

7. Miguel Cabrera’s career hit chart is a work of art

The opposite-field distribution is off the charts.

8. A closer view of the Myles Straw incident at Yankee Stadium

Everyone’s been saying it, but we’ll say it again:

It was the final Straw.

9. Trevor Bauer is suing the woman who accused him of assault

Can’t wait for this entire story to end, there’s just nothing positive about it.

10. The new Rangers ballpark has two great amenities for fans

It’s easy to see this (and other comfort and luxury features) becoming the standard at the newer ballparks, going forward:

More importantly, there’s also a map of Texas at the ballpark, that notably (awesomely) excludes Houston.

11. Reds president Phil Castellini apologizes for his remarks

The team is the worst in baseball right now, by far, and with each passing day Reds fans have posted an updated version of this photo and quote — as the losses pile up.

So yesterday, at last, he started to get the idea and apologized.

12. And lastly, feral cats have taken over the Oakland Coliseum

There was a report about this in the offseason, but now it’s getting worse. Horror movie scripts coming soon.



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