April 22, 2022

1. Miguel Cabrera was intentionally walked while sitting on 2,999 hits

Not that the milestone was the reason he was walked (it was to load the bases and try to induce a force-out), but still, tough to see.

The ballpark reacted accordingly:

As for the strategy of the decision itself, it’s debatable (putting the 3,000-hit milestone completely aside) — but the result had karma written all over it:

Two-run single, Austin Meadows. And the Yankees go on to lose 3–0.

Here was Aaron Boone after the game:

And Miguel Cabrera:

2. Bryan Reynolds had the high-IQ triple of the year

And the Cubs infield completely lost the plot.

3. There’s a new DirecTV ad with some familiar faces

Bit of a weird moment, scrolling through Youtube and seeing baseball-ified Ghostbusters uniforms on Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson.

And Mr. Redlegs as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man:

4. Francisco Lindor is good again

Another home run yesterday, for the early lead in the first inning, and the 2021 mega-slump seems all but over — with the Mets now 10–4.

His numbers in 2022:

4 HR | .308 | 1.035 OPS | 1.1 WAR

5. The Padres might also be good again

Fernando Tatis Jr. is out for several months still, but right now they’re sitting at second place in the NL West, 9–5 on the year, and open up a big three-game set against the Dodgers tonight (at home).

An interesting bit from the article above, discussing how Bob Melvin has stabilized the team this year, coming over from the A’s after Jayce Tingler’s Padres imploded late last summer:

But will there be a return of last year’s “swag chain”?

6. The throw of the week: Steve Kwan

He’s becoming famous as the never strikes out guy, and his numbers at the plate to start the year are top ten in several categories — but then he goes and does this, too. From the corner of left field:

7. Checking in on the A.L. East

The most hyped division in baseball this year, and so far no one is running away with it yet — but after a just-barely-surviving win in the ninth yesterday at Fenway, the Blue Jays have the early lead:

8. The “Rookie of the Year” made a return to Wrigley Field

“Float it!”

9. The infamous “Yankees letter” might be released next week

From everything that’s trickled out already, it doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that’ll amount to any significant wickedness — but who knows. We await the ceremonial letter-opener.

More details, from the NJ.com article:

10. Miscellaneous news from around the league

11. The Mariners blew a 5–0 first inning lead

And this semi-hyped team of upstarts lose in the end, 8–6. Maybe next time don’t break out bat flips in the first ten minutes of the game?

Then came the comeback.

12. And lastly, back to the Miguel Cabrera story

The whole crowd booing against the opposition, on your behalf? Miggy calms them down. There’s a three-game home series, starting tonight. Hit #3,000 will come soon enough.

Miggy watch continues tonight. 🍿




The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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The Baseball Newsletter

The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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