April 20, 2022

1. Max Scherzer was dominant in his first Mets home game

And the Mets are now 9–3, the most wins in baseball.

And the stat of the night:

2. Bill Burr stole the show at Fenway Park last night

A perfect strike from the mound for the first pitch.

And then he was on fire in the booth — with the quote of the night:

“There’s a whole bunch of Yankees I love. I just hate ‘em.”

3. Gerrit Cole didn’t make it through two innings yesterday

He walked five batters, and four in the second inning alone, and then was pulled from the game early.

All of which led to one of the broadcasting gaffes of the year, starting with this (satirical) tweet from a parody account of the New York Post.

And then, the Angels’ radio broadcast team — buying it hook, line and sinker:

4. The MLB stat leaders so far

It’s still very early, but here are a few of the headliners among the major categories:

5. Kenley Jansen got booed at Dodger Stadium

For being the winning-est team of the last decade, by far, there sure is a lot of anger in the Dodger fanbase.

6. The nastiest pitch of the season: Yankees prospect Wellington Diaz

Like a Blake Treinen slider, dialed up to eleven.

7. Francisco Lindor hit a walk-off winner, and his 2021 blues might be over

The cherry on top of a complete turnaround season so far.

8. Attendance in Oakland is about as bad as it gets

Their star players were all traded, the team might move cities — and when a fanbase gets stepped on enough times, well…

9. Seiya Suzuki has been living up to all the hype

Finally last night, the nine-game hit streak to start his MLB career ended, but in lieu of a base hit he drew three walks.

10. Awful baseball news: Advertising patches are indeed coming to MLB

And the Padres announced their first sponsor, to arrive on next season’s uniforms.

11. Kendrick Lamar sat in the bleachers at Dodger Stadium last night

12. The A’s are honoring the late Ray Fosse all season

The longtime, beloved broadcaster (and former catcher) passed away last October, and the team debuted their tribute during a ceremony on Monday.

13. Jumbotron entertainment is getting strange

We call it: Mody Bellinger. Cookie Betts?

14. And lastly, highlights from Ronald Acuna Jr.’s first rehab stint

Give it a few weeks, and he’ll be back in the heart of the Braves lineup.



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