April 20, 2021

1. That “famous” home-run catching guy Zack Hample took a tumble

If you need a laugh today, here’s your laugh:

43 years old and still traveling the country to snag baseballs — at some point, the hobby has to end. Hang up the cleats, Zack. Your body is giving out on you.

PS: If you need another laugh, he… didn’t get the ball.

2. Albert Pujols stole third base

Two years younger than Zack Hample, and Albert has still got it:

3. Quote of the day, Blake Snell: “Bauer, he be diggin’ in that mound a lot”

When it comes to mound divots, Bauer agreed to disagree:

4. The Nick Castellanos suspension gets upheld

“#FreeNick,” the masses are saying. “#JailManfred,” ringing out from every rooftop, every window. This baseball injustice must not stand!

The suspension was, if you missed it, for this:

5. The Red Sox blew out the White Sox on Patriots’ Day

The classic 11:10am ET start, for the holiday tradition. Lunch break baseball. And the Red Sox had six runs before noon:

6. Later in that game, the great Yermin Mercedes pitched

Got out of the inning with only one earned run on his record, and even induced a double play — the man is a sensation:

Oh, and Danny Mendick also pitched (White Sox infielder):

7. There was an actual goat at the Oakland Coliseum

Looks like it had a ticket of its own, a free afternoon to spend at the game — you know, just normal goat stuff.

Don’t make the same mistake the Cubs made in 1945, A’s employees. I’m warning you:

8. Vin Scully finally got his 2020 ring

Not that it was his first, lest we forget — he was a Dodgers broadcaster for six World Series teams, over the decades. And now he has number seven:

9. Error of the day: Carlos Santana

Early dark horse candidate for error of the year, even. The spazzy throw after the dropped catch really makes it:

10. Great catch of the day: Evan White

The Mariners are 11–6 so far this year. It’s just April, but — they look good.

11. Understatement of the day — Brian Cashman

I think everybody would reckon that, right now, the Steinbrenner family is feeling a bit more than just “disappointed”.

And where are those calzones?

12. Ronald Acuña Jr. injury update — he’ll be back soon

He’s just day to day, said the good news the Braves got back. Won’t be out for long, and avoids a stint on the IL:

13. If you missed it on Sunday Night Baseball — here’s the Freddie Freeman and Anthony Rizzo clip

“Frederick! Freddie!”

And indeed, Freeman’s real first name is Frederick:

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