April 19, 2022

1. Joe West is starting a podcast

Did you think his retirement was the final chapter of the Joe West story, and he’d be out of our lives? Think again.

2. Freddie Freeman hit his first HR with the Dodgers in his first at-bat against the Braves

More from an emotional reunion yesterday at Dodger Stadium:

Kenley Jansen had his own big reunion, too:

3. Jake Arrieta retires from major-league baseball

One of the great all-time Cubs. Farewell, and thank you.

Along with Anthony Rizzo, he was my favorite player from the beloved, perfect 2016 team — and so today, a lot of the memories, nostalgia and downright awe at his brilliance on the mound those 3–4 primary years comes right back to the surface.

That all-time, legendary stretch of starts in the late summer of 2015. A complete-game shutout in the Wild Card game in Pittsburgh. A three-run homer against Madison Bumgarner in the NLDS, 2016. Two wins on the mound in the World Series.

His 2015 season stats:

22–6 | 1.77 ERA | 236 Ks | No-hitter | Cy Young Award

And the second half of that legendary season:

12–1 |0.75 ERA | 9 ER in 15 starts | No-hitter | Batters hit .148

Congrats, Jake. Thank you. And Godspeed.

4. There are seventeen MLB games today

Every team plays. Two double-headers. Lots of baseball.

5. Some of the highlights from last night’s games

Headlined by Christian Yelich, maybe coming out of his three-year slumber.

6. Here was Yelich’s post on Twitter after the grand slam

Edited together with the greatest of all professional bowling moments (“Who do you think you are? I am!!”)— and it’s cinematic magic.

7. Dennis Eckersley was in elite form on yesterday’s broadcast

Just a few samples, from the great “Ecktionary” account on Twitter.

8. Cody Bellinger might be getting back to his old self

It’s been a long, frustrating road for Dodger fans watching Bellinger’s numbers fall off a cliff these past two seasons — but now in 2022, there might just be a hint of a rebirth.

.278 batting average | .866 OPS

9. There’s a Kershaw imitator in the Guardians farm system

And not just for show, this is the guy’s regular windup.

10. The Royals new “City Connect” hats have been released

Very Mexico ’68 Olympics chic, here.

11. This is how Ronald Acuna Jr. announced his soon return

With his rehab assignment due to start tonight, in Jacksonville.

12. And lastly: Stilts on the mound at the Bananas game

Er, I mean — just a very naturally tall guy pitching.



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