April 14, 2022

1. Clayton Kershaw pitched the perfect game that wasn’t

Maybe the most painful moments as a baseball fan that we’ll see all season — Kershaw looking like vintage Kershaw, pulled after seven perfect innings.

13 strikeouts. No runs, no hits, no walks, no errors.

In the end, it sounded like he agreed with the decision from Dave Roberts, whether out of courtesy or genuine sentiment — but still. Pain. The perfect game was right there. And only 23 in baseball history.

2. Vladdy Guerrero Jr. played the best game of his career

Three home runs. A double. Against the rival Yankees, on the road in New York. A stepped-on finger and two stitches. And the game-ending catch at first base, snagging a line drive rocketed off the bat of Josh Donaldson.

He was so good, that Gerrit Cole literally tipped his cap.

And here was the finger injury, putting the legendary touch on The Vladdy Game.

3. John Sterling had one of the all-time home run call gaffes

Just listen. He’s done it again.

4. Keith Hernandez tells a story about an email scam

Hilarious, from yesterday’s broadcast:

5. The bizarre play of the day: A four-base ground ball toward shortstop

From this afternoon’s game at The Trop, maybe the strangest inside-the-parker you’ll see.

6. Feral cats have invaded the Oakland Coliseum

From the article:

“Feral cats are having a ‘field day’ at the Oakland Coliseum, according to stadium authority executive director Henry Gardner.

An estimated 30 to 40 cats and kittens have made the 130-acre property in East Oakland home, multiplying in population over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, Gardner told The Oaklandside.”

7. MLB is coming back to Youtube Live

Seems like games are on about fifteen different platforms now, which makes you question the league’s vision with the lack of streamlining.

8. Miguel Sano is hitless so far on the season

Not to highlight the negative too much, but yikes.

9. The Durham Bulls are Rays-ifying their uniforms

This is awesome.

10. And lastly, Ken Griffey has the best Zoom background in the world

Ten Gold Gloves. Doesn’t get better than that.



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