April 11, 2022

1. Highlights from baseball’s Opening Weekend

It feels oh so great, having our great game back — and it’s every night.

2. There’s just one remaining undefeated team

Your early leader in the MLB standings, who else? The Tampa Bay Rays.

3. But their helmets are looking awfully cheap

4. The cherry blossom Nationals uniforms were a big hit

The best of the best, in the “City Connect” line these past two seasons.

5. The Braves had their World Series rings ceremony

And the inside of each ring (they open up) has a little red ruby marking the location of every postseason home run.

6. It was the weekend of the grand slam

Felt like almost every team had one — including the Padres, as Season 3 of “Slam Diego” begins.

7. Rob Manfred is trying to repair relationships

Here, take these headphones.

8. The unfortunate moments of the weekend

Highlights from the world of the lowlights.

9. Bryce Harper made a speech, receiving his 2021 NL MVP award

10. The heartwarming (and sad, too) moment of the weekend

11. A 20-year-old in Japan league threw a perfect game

The first time there’s been a perfect game in the NPB in 28 years.

And with nineteen strikeouts, too:

12. Two great pitching debuts around the league

The big-time rookie prospect, Hunter Greene:

And a familiar face in a new city — Noah Syndergaard’s line in his Angels debut:

5.1 IP | 2 hits | 0 ER

13. Corey Seager’s bat split in two — and he got an RBI

14. Lastly, ever seen prairie dogs delay a baseball game?



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