The best of baseball, in case you missed it

1. Goodbye to robot umpires, for now

The Terminator-style “judgement day” for the MLB umpiring corps gets shelved for probably another few years — as the experiment in the minor leagues comes to an end.

But wait. Is it coming back? From the article:

“It’s likely that Major League…

1. Highlights from today’s meeting between MLB and the players union

I’m probably not the only one who’s bored by this entire thing, but in terms of baseball news it fits the bill of needing to be included. Some highlights, from what happened in the discussions today:

1. Jon Lester retires from baseball

Hats off to the former Cub, with a career maybe just short of legend status — who won the crucial Game 5 of the 2016 World Series, then came in to pitch several innings of Game 7 (and won two more rings with the…

1. There’s a female pitcher in the Australian Baseball League

Last week, there was news of a signing, and then just days later she pitched in a game. Very cool stuff, and surprising to see a first-of-its-kind baseball feat come out of Australia.

And she’s just seventeen years old.

1. Hank Aaron’s memorial service took place yesterday

It’s been almost a year since he passed, and the Braves won a very fitting World Series in the meantime. Rest in peace, to one of the all-time greats.

2. Clayton Kershaw was hanging with Dallas Cowboys at the…

1. MLB Network drops Ken Rosenthal for criticizing Rob Manfred

And the front runner for worst commissioner in sports sprints further ahead, metal running spikes drilled into clown shoes, widening his comically huge lead.

From the article (link above):

Here was Rosenthal himself, after receiving the news:

1. Happy baseball New Year, folks

In case you’ve forgotten the new year numbers while writing down the date, take a bit of help from the great Mike Trout.

And here was the line of the weekend:

2. Highlights from the coldest NHL game on record, played at…

1. Thanks for a great first year reading the Baseball Newsletter

This is the last newsletter of the year, with the 2022 edition starting up on Monday — and I just wanted to say thanks for following along, and a major thanks to those supporting on Patreon. …

1. Mariners great Kyle Seager decides to retire

First, there was Buster Posey, retiring after just twelve seasons — and now another beloved one-team lifer calls it a day after eleven seasons.

242 HR. 36.9 career WAR. One All-Star nod and a Gold Glove.

His last moments in Seattle…

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